Healing with dean

Clinical Hypnotherapist HNZDCH,
    Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master 

A Healing with dean session can support anyone to heal anything because of the way Hypnotherapy works.

It might be for extra confidence, motivation, help in setting new goals, career advice based on finding what truly motivates you, learn skills to cope with pain, sleep coaching, visualisations to encourage your body to heal after an injury or illness, habit changing and lifestyle changes - a Healing with dean session can help you in many ways.

Energy Healing using Reiki is very powerful with 12D energy and dean's Reiki Master skills and senses mean he is able to work with clients in any location at any time and find & clear blockages in your body, following up with an email summary of what was done and any recommendations for further healing.

Healing with dean works with the mind and the energy body but not directly with the physical body, this means it is a complementary support method in conjunction with any physical treatments you may be undergoing with other practitioners and does not interfere with alternative modalities. 

Please browse the Hypnotherapy and Reiki sections for information and pricing for services. 

Sessions can be held in your home as dean travels a lot, or can arrange to hire a clinic room near you. Alternatively sessions can be successfully done using Skype video call. 

You can contact dean at any time via email, Skype, phone or instant chat to discuss your specific situation.  

As a spiritual person, dean can offer guidance on personal development like mindfulness and breathing exercises, finding meaning in life experiences, help understanding dreams and supernatural experiences. 


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